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Romantic Style Living with Artistic Home Decor

Romantic Style Living with Artistic Home Decor

Artistic Home Decor Designs for a Loving Atmosphere


Chic, artistic home decor

Elegant yet artistic home decor romantic styling

Romance, passion and fairy-tale like scenes is a favorite for most. Who doesn’t enjoy a touching love story, a heart warming novel or a classic movie about a couple madly in love. It’s the magic, allure and timeless personality in all of these features that simply capture the audience. Regardless of what type of home decorator you are; you’re still a fan of romantic interior design and intimate decorating. There’s no need to admire extravagant, poetic designs from a far again any more. Now you can have the same enchanting, breathtaking and charming house with refined, artistic home decor creations. Learn how to transcend your residence to a romantic, touching atmosphere with crafty, artful home decor products.

When you vision a romantic style home layout you probably assume bright feminine colors such as red, pink and lavender. Decorating with those hues are lovely and brings a pretty style to your house. However, it goes beyond colors and shades when you’re creating a personal charm for your home. The size, texture, style and structure of the accents all play a part in designing an artistic yet romantic scenery. Make your fireplace or china closet pop for a love inspired, romantic decor theme. You can accomplish this by adding a runner to the counter of the fireplace; along with cute, boutique like accents. Decorative, artistic accents guaranteed to make your fireplace, mantel or china closet stand out are counter clocks, candles, nick nacks and ornaments. Why are these accessories great for romantic style? It’s because of their intimate nature, poise features and classic design that these chic accents provide a dreamy air for the home.

crackle glass art vase

Artistic flower glass vase. Great romantic style accent.

Focusing on the larger scale of the living room and allowing your passionate theme to flourish throughout the house begins with the sofa. Your couch and sofa set is one of the main attractions of your home. Everyone sees and automatically notices the couch. The best way you can bring out a specific style your aiming for when decorating the home is  to put great emphasis on the couch. Try placing the sofa on a slight slant, rather than sitting it on a perfect horizontal axis. This gives the living room character, space and style. Drape your favorite blanket or throw across the arm of the sofa. Make sure its a soft, delicate fabric such as lace and linen; and pick a color that definitely screams romantic. That color can ultimately be any tone just as long as you properly design around that color.

There is no one way to truly add romance and quality throughout the home. With so many styles, accents, features and themes available its countless ways to incorporate romantic design. Using chic, artistic home decor is a great way because the items are playful, antiques yet modern and creative.


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