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Tinsel Mocha Antique Crackle Glass Vase

Tinsel Mocha Antique Crackle Glass Vase


Golden Antique Crackle Glass Vase the Perfect Luxury Home Accent

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Flourish your home with splendid gifts and treasures that reflect who you are. An amazing way to accomplish this is with our glittery mocha antique crackle glass vase. Topped with golden, sparkling gloss. Handcrafted with a lovely crackle finish touch. This custom interior vase is the perfect accessory to make as the main attraction in your home. One of the many great features about our antique crackle glass vase is its elegant style and appeal.


– Perfect choice to make as the main attraction in your favorite room of your home

– Great for gold and royalty decorator lovers

– Goes great with any style of flower bouquet

– Fine choice as a decorative centerpiece for the living room table

– Large in size yet light in weight which makes it accessible and easy 


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