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Sparkling Teal Blue Table Glass Vase

Sparkling Teal Blue Table Glass Vase


Regal Teal Large Table Glass Vase to Fall In Love With


Fall in love with our sparkling table glass vase great for providing elegance and sophistication into your home. If you’re a fan of aqua inspired home decor accents then you will absolutely adore our table vase decoration piece. It’s color and tone is guarantee to take any guest that enters your home breath away. It’s size and shape is sure to bring character and charm to any table your place it on.


– Adorable centerpiece vase great as a table decoration

– Solid universal shade of blue that allows vase to go with multiple color schemes

– Sturdy yet light in weight making vase accessible to be placed on any type of table

– Great for modern art vase lovers and artisan craft decorators

– Goes well designed with or without flowers placed in it


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