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Sparkling Black Gemstone Glamorous Earrings

Sparkling Black Gemstone Glamorous Earrings


Dazzling Almond Shaped Glamorous Earrings for a Classy Style 


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Be elegant and radiant when you put on our black glamorous earrings. Our unique, antique inspired stunning earrings were delicately created to make you dazzle and shine. Every piece of jewelry should reflect your dreams, aspirations and personality. With these sparkling glamorous earrings you can display your elegance, class and ravishing aura. Wear these black gemstone earrings with your little black dress and turn heads everywhere you go. 


-Elegant pair of glamorous earrings great to wear for fancy night out

-Large almond shaped gemstone earrings making set pop and stand out

-Beautiful jewelry chains added to gemstone earrings providing length and classy style

-Lightweight pair of earrings, not heavy. Making earring set easy and comfortable to wear.

-Sophisticated earrings great for Goddess, Diva and Upscale style look


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