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Persian Gloss Antique Art Vase

Persian Gloss Antique Art Vase


Sparkling Royal Antique Art Vase for the Upscale Home

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The perfect blend of modern style and timeless class have been merged together with our gorgeous antique art vase. Our antique inspired vase is a fine piece of art work in itself and exhibits the essence of elegance. This masterpiece is great for home decorators who also love admiring fine art. Bring the museum and classical collection your residence now when you style with this stunning antique art vase accent.

-Perfect accent for an artisan inspired living room theme

-Great accessory for art and crafts antique collectors

-Standard in size making antique flower vase accessible and easy to place throughout home

-Gorgeous color blend of multiple shades of blue making vase great for summer and spring season

-Handcrafted with crackle finish paint technique making vase unique and rare



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