Flamingo Pink Sofa Throw Pillow Set

Flamingo Pink Sofa Throw Pillow Set


Magenta Floral Sofa Throw Pillow Set to Add Style and Comfort.

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Relax and unwind after a long day into the world of comfort with our elegant sofa throw pillow set. There’s nothing like coming home and stepping into a welcoming environment. Adding our custom, extra large pillows will accomplish this goal. Your home should a place of cool and calm. Nothing says this more like decorating it with the right luxury home accents. The amazing thing about this sofa throw pillow set is its ability to look great in any area of your home. With it’s floral print screaming sophistication. It’s 2 rectangle shape and 1 round shape screaming style. This handcrafted pillow set is simply the perfect accessory.


-2 Perfect size square throw pillows and 1 round throw pillow great for versatility

-Gorgeous floral print giving the home a soft, classy presence

-Large couch pillows great for styling the sofa in your home

-Handcrafted with delicacy and quality making throw pillows comfortable and cozy

-Beautiful magenta pink shade guarantee to make set stand out in any living area


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