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Charisma Home Decor Fantasy Mocha Drop Boutique Earrings –
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Fantasy Mocha Drop Boutique Earrings

Fantasy Mocha Drop Boutique Earrings


Mocha Brown Swirl Boutique Earrings for Elegant Style 

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Be beautiful and amazing in our mocha drop boutique earrings. Handcrafted with gorgeous brown and turquoise beads. These golden brown drop earrings are simply stunning. You can transform into a fashion queen the moment you put our earrings on. Every piece of jewelry you wear is a reflection of you and tells a story. Allow these fantasy mocha boutique earrings to tell the story of elegance, royalty and class. 


-Beautiful set of earrings for gold and beaded jewelry admirers

-Great choice for elegant and classy jewelry look

-Perfect pair of earrings for casual stylish look or upscale elegant look

-Dazzling earrings for beaded, artisan style lovers

-Light weight in size making earrings easy, safe and accessible to wear


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