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Cotton Candy Pink Birdhouse Ornament

Cotton Candy Pink Birdhouse Ornament


Glossy Pink Birdhouse Ornament for Art and Crafts Lover

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Blend your love of arts and crafts with home decorating when you add our adorable birdhouse ornament. A precious accent that can be added to your mantel, front porch area, bedroom and more. Sometimes the smallest treasures are the ones that give your home character and bring it to life. This glossy, artistic inspired birdhouse ornament is the perfect piece to accomplish that goal. Let your home say love, intimacy and charm in the most simple yet unique way. 


-Gorgeous wooden birdhouse ornament perfect for crafts collectors

-Versatile birdhouse ornament that can be decorated multiple ways including: hanging, table top ornament, etc.

-Can be designed as an indoor or outdoor decorative ornament

-Radiant shade of pink making ornament great for Spring season decorating

-Can also be used as a small bird feeder for animal and nature lovers


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