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Artisan Multi Dash Decorative Vase Set

Artisan Multi Dash Decorative Vase Set


Stunning Handcrafted Decorative Vase Set for Art and Craft Lovers

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Mold your house into the stunning, beautiful home you always dreamed it could be with our artisan decorative vase set. Handcrafted with elegance and artistic style. Painted with a marvelous, vibrant color blend. Our charming vase set of 2 is the perfect elegant home decor accessory to revamp your residence with. Unique vase accents that gives your home a life of its own don’t come around often. Take advantage of styling with this rare beauty now.

-Decorative vase set of 2 great for adding to large or long living room tables

-Designed with artisan style making vase set perfect for arts and crafts lovers

-Small to standard size vase set of 2 making accents easy and accessible to manuever

-Beautiful color scheme that goes well with indoor or outdoor decorating

-Gorgeous decorative vase set perfect for adding full flower bouquets to



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