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Chic Summer Ideas for Artistic Home Decor Style

Chic Summer Ideas for Artistic Home Decor Style

Fun Artistic Home Decor Ideas for Summer Season.



Summer artistic home decor

Spacious summer designed room with artistic home decor accessories.

With a whole new month of the summer season fast approaching there’s still plenty of time to flourish the home with breathtaking accessories. A great way to style while remaining seasonal and fabulous is by selecting a theme. One of the many interior themes that can make designing for the summer fantastic is artistic home decor. Vintage, artisan inspired home decor products are a great way to add style and character to your residence while enjoying the warm summer season. Artistic home decorating provides a youthful, original, elegance appeal to your home that can’t quite be created anywhere else.


If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to adding an artistic spin to your home one of the first things you should do is gather a color scheme. Do you want artistic home decor items with a modern spin. If so you should go with standard summer colors such as yellow, orange or blue. If you desire an exotic, artistic style then should use 3-5 colors with a modish pattern such as stripes or zig zags. The next thing you should do is pick an area of room to focus on. During the summertime your rooms don’t have to be as furnished or cozy as it usually would in the winter. The area should be more spacious and given the illusion of being broader. To accomplish this look spread large items such as the sofa, t.v, and center table apart. Try decorating the living room around the patio door or a large window. Also pull the curtains on the window back, lift up the window and let the sun shine through. This will scream summer design and allow a natural look.

Artistic decorative throw pillows.

Summer theme throw pillow with artistic home decor style.


Another idea for summer decorating lovers who want an artistic style blend is choosing the perfect accents. Home decor accents can truly make or break a room. Although small and sometimes overlooked, they play a major part in the atmosphere of the home. With summer decorating you don’t want to use to many items. This will give the area a cluttered, unpleasant look. For the living room pick about 3 large pieces to focus on. Then use 5 smaller gifts to style around those accents. A large item can be an in house plant with a seashell or a small picture frame surrounding it. To give this structure an artistic blend paint the seashell a two toned and make sure the picture frame is a bright shade.

Crackle glass artistic vases

Artisan painted vases great for summer decorating.


Other rooms in the house that’ll look gorgeous with an interior artisan theme is the kitchen, backyard, upstairs hallway and the front porch. For outdoor perimeters of the home add an multi colored rainbow to the porch table stripe pattern pillows for the lounge chair. Red, yellow and blue are a great color combination that will exhibit summer and artistic design. For arts and crafts lovers who enjoys decorating the kitchen, hang a paint try accompanied with paint brushes above the sink for an unique vintage summer theme. Compliment this accessory with colorful dishes, cups and towels.


All of these tips and countless others can transform your home into a warm, breezy castle while you still maintain your artful spirit. You can decorate and style your home in time for every revolving season while adding a theme or creative undertone. Artistic home decor accessories is just one of the many styles that goes great with summer design.

Artistic summer home decorating

Summer decorated room surrounded by modern, artistic home decor.



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