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Inspirational Home Decor with Charisma

Inspirational Home Decor with Charisma

Home decorating and interior design is one of the biggest industries in the world. With sales generating over a billion dollars a year on home decor products its evident consumers really love home accents. There are countless home decor companies, stores and catalogs online and offline as well. The question is how do a shopper choose which decorating company to accessorize and design his or her home with. From numerous stores that provide beautiful items that every homeowner loves such as decorative pillows, vases, candles, wall decor and it’s not always an easy decision to makes. The company must possess unique, exquisite products that bring more to the home than just a pretty finish.
Here at Charisma all of our items are delicately handcrafted with elegance, quality and personality. Each individual product carries character and charm while taking on a life of their own. However, what really makes our home decor line special is the inspirational story behind the birth of Charisma. Charisma was started and founded by Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker, a sweet married couple of 36 years. Ironically they met in an art and crafts class in high school and instantly fell in love. After raising 9 children they decided to take their rare gifts a step further and start their own home decor company with an artistic blend. They both wanted their creations to transform and ignite every home their products were placed in. What better name to give alluring, breathtaking gifts that are customly crafted than charisma. All the decorative items have a remarkable charm that can’t be found in typical home decor products. When you design your home with Charisma items the Whitakers want you to feel inspired and sophisticated.
It wasn’t easy to start their own home decor line and bring Charisma to life. Early on there were many trials they overcame in order to birth Charisma. Mrs. Whitaker was born with clef palate and club foot. These unfortunate medical conditions made it difficult for her growing up. She was often teased by her peers and isolated. She never dreamed of one day having her own business with her husband. With the support and strength of her children she and Mr. Whitaker was driven enough to create Charisma. Mr. Whitaker had a troubling birth delivery. Born 4 months premature, he weighed only 1 pound and 15 ounces and wasn’t expected to live. He was nicknamed “the miracle baby” due to his extraordinary survival. The two had many in common and were brought together for reasons bigger than each other. They discovered that a long time ago, which encouraged them to start Charisma. Now when you style your home with fine, custom products from their collection you’ll be touched by the inspirational, heartwarming story.


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