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Fast Elegant Home Decor Tips for Summer Design

Fast Elegant Home Decor Tips for Summer Design

10 Fast and Amazing Elegant Home Decor Tips for Summer Design

As much as you love and adore your home during the summer time you’re not decorating as much. This is very common amongst most home owners and interior designers. The summer season is a lovely season. However, it’s one of the least popular times to spruce up your home. This is due to the fact that you’re more likely to travel during the summer. You tend to have less company during the summer season. You tend to have less hot, home cooked means during the summer (due to the heat). With these reasons being stated you may not feel the need to do a full project on styling your home. However, you may still want your home to have character and charm during the summer time. Now you can accomplish this in a quick, timely manner. Here are 10 fast and amazing elegant home decor tips for designing your house during the summer.

1) Light, Soft and Gentle Curtains


A beautiful example of summer inspired elegant home decor curtains. Designing these curtains in your home in place or heavier winter curtains should take less than 10 minutes.

A quick and easy way to bring summer into your residence with elegant home decor styling is through curtains. Yes simply changing your curtains can instantly transform your home into a beautiful summer theme. Change your heavier, darker color winter and fall curtains into light and soft breezy style curtains. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to jazz up your house for the summer with elegant home decor. Simply change your curtains. This can be achieved changing up the living room, kitchen and/ or bedroom curtains. To make sure your curtains resonate with other luxury home accents and have an elegant look decorate with sheer or lace material curtains. This quick summer design change should take no more than 10 minutes. It’s a fast, convenient renovation but it makes a huge difference in your home. Some of the popular summer colors that will give your curtains a classy, breezy look are:

  • White
  • Eggshell
  • Bright blue
  • Lime green
  • Soft yellow
  • Sorbet orange

2) Renovate Your Sofa

Another fast way to transform your residence just in time for the summer with elegant home decor accessories is to focus on your sofa. Simply renovating your sofa can create a cool, summer layout in your home. During the colder seasons such as winter your sofa is an important part of decorating your home. However, during the summer time the sofa isn’t as important. The sofa still plays a part in your designing your home during the summer season, but it’s all in how you style your sofa. During the summer you want your sofa or couch to have a light, cool and etiquette look. It’s not as cold like in the winter time where you would want your sofa to have an extremely cozy look. For the summer you want your sofa to have a cool, relaxed look. To give your sofa a quick yet stunning summer look here are a few tips below.

  • Don’t keep as many decorative throw pillows on your sofa. Have maybe 1 or 2.
  • Make sure your decorative throw pillows are spaced out on your sofa and not collaged together.
  • Push sofa back and further from center of living room or main room.
  • Don’t make sofa the main attraction. Instead focus on a love seat or single vanity swivel chair.
  • Take any throws or blankets off your sofa that may still be placed there and put them up for the summer season.

A contemporary, sophisticated way to style your sofa and cushion chair for the summer.

3) Vibrant Decorative Throw Pillows

Although you shouldn’t have many decorative throw pillows when decorating for the summer season, you still should have a few pillows throughout your home. Large, cozy throw pillows are very popular for the winter and fall. This is why many home decorators don’t think to utilize them during the summer. But there are a handful of fun, chic ways you can utilize elegant throw pillows for the summer styling. A great way to accomplish this look in a timely manner is to simply style with smaller throw pillows. Don’t go for the large, oversized throw pillows. Those are great for the fall and winter. For the summer go for petite, small or standard size decorative throw pillows. Also jazz it up by adding geometric shaped throw pillows such as a circular, cylinder, rectangle or flower shaped pillow. These elegant home accents echo the lovely summer season and they can be designed in your home in minutes.

decorative luxury throw pillow

Gorgeous, modern example of a decorative throw pillow perfect for styling your home during the summer.

4) Less is More with Kitchen Decor

Another area in your home that’s easy to transform for the summer is your kitchen. The key to creating a stylish, polished kitchen that has summer written all over it lies in your decor. When it comes to decorating the kitchen with elegant home decor accents less is more. You want to keep the accents and decor in your kitchen to a minimum. You don’t want your decor to be too overbearing in the kitchen during the summer time. Unlike the winter season, in the summer you’re less likely to cook. You’re also more likely to go out to eat. With this in mind you don’t want to over decorate your kitchen. This isn’t to say leave your kitchen bare and lifeless. This is just to say design it in moderation and in unison with the summer season. Elegant and traditional home accents perfect for designing the kitchen during the summer are:

  • Thinner hand towels
  • Less hand towel sets hanging up
  • Exchanging mugs for glass cups
  • Putting most baking supplies away for the season

5) Smaller Luxury Home Accents on Your Table


A simple yet sophisticated way to style your table with small, elegant home accents.

A quick and simple way to welcome the summer into your home is to revise your tables. Similar to your kitchen less is more when it comes to elegant home decor. You don’t want to overload your tables with accessories and home accents. Sure you want your tables to be polished and beautiful during the summer time. However, in order to accomplish a lavish summer look the key is to style your tables with less and smaller home decor accents. Trade in your large centerpiece for a small candy jar to be placed on your living room table. In stead of designing your kitchen table with a grand fruit bowl try a smaller accent like a petite candle or a cute decor gift.

6) Bright and Glamorous Colors

This elegant home decor tip for summer designing is very popular so many may find it cliche. Although decorating with bright colors for the summer may be common it’s an amazing tip. You can’t go wrong with adding gorgeous, bright colors in your home to spruce it up for the summer. How you blend these bright, glamorous colors into your home is completely up to you. The key is to make sure the colors compliment each other and provide a warm, summer time presence. Some examples of decorating your home with bright colors are:

  • Adding colorful wall paper
  • Designing with vibrant elegant wall accents such as paintings, picture frames, etc.
  • Decorating with bright kitchen decor items
  • Bright large furniture pieces such as statues, floor vases, corner tables and more.

7) Spacious Fire Place, Console and Other Areas

The more spacious your home is the more it brings a cool, summer atmosphere. This is why clearing out certain areas and large accents are very important during this time of the year. A great way to display an elegant summer look in your home in a timely manner is to create space. The best areas to create space are the areas that are usually full and lively during the winter time. This means particular luxury home accents that are popular in the winter like your fire place, mantel and console should look more spacious during the summer. You don’t use your fire place during the summer time so why have it heavily decorated? If you usually have 5-7 unique home decor accessories on your fire place, when the summer comes around simply eliminate half of them. Now you should only have 1-3 accessories designed on your fire place. This also applies to other large home decor accents such as your console, mantel and china closet.

8) Designing with Thinner Fabrics

Another quick and easy way to style for the summer with unique home decor accessories is to simply use thinner fabrics. During the summer time everything must be cool, breezy and less heavy. This allows your residence to reflect a soft, intimate summer time atmosphere. The way to create this environment without spending a whole lot of time is to use thinner fabrics throughout your home. As mentioned earlier when you change your curtains for the summer make sure you style with cotton or sheer fabric curtains. Your table cloths during the summer season should be thinner fabrics such as lace or cotton. This is a small yet quick and effective tip that will easily bring the presence of summer into your home.


A lovely summer designed table with a soft, cotton fabric table cloth.

9) Elegant Home Decor Floral Print

Nothing says summer quite like a beautiful floral pattern. A fast way to complete your desire of wanting to have a lavish home during the summer is to design with floral print accents. Floral patterns literally screams summer, elegance and style. With floral print pattern accents you can deliver a contemporary summer style look. You can produce an elegant, upscale summer style look. Or you can go for an artistic summer design look with floral print accents. This elegant home decor tip is fast, convenient and easy to carry out. Below are a few examples of elegant home decor accessories that can be floral printed and great to use during the summer.

  • Decorative throw pillows
  • Table cloths
  • Curtains
  • Kitchen decor (bowls, cups, jars, etc.)
  • Wall paper and wall art

10) Decorative Flower Vases

Decorative flower vases are another great way to quickly design your place for the summer season. It takes less than 5 minutes to add a decorative vase to a particular area in your home and add flowers to that vase. This simple and easy home decor tip will instantly produce a summer vibe in your house. The key to styling with decorative flower vases for this seasons is the limit you put on the vases. For decorating the interiors of your residence with elegant home decor vases you don’t want to over do it. You should place 1 decorative flower vase with a bouquet inside of it on your living room table. This can be used as your table centerpiece. You can also add a decorative vase to your kitchen. A good location to add a flower vase in the kitchen is on the window seal. For the outdoor area of your home such as your patio, back yard and garden add as many decorative flower vases as you wish. It brings the outdoor quarters of your home to life and it announces “summer is here.”


Decorative flower vase glazed with a dazzling shade of violet great for styling as a summer accent.

The great thing about all these amazing elegant home decor tips for designing during the summer is their convenience. All of these tips take under 10 minutes to achieve. This means you can give your home a gorgeous summer design while still remaining busy during the season.



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  1. Mya

    These summer decorating tips are amazing. They’re simple and easy yet so effective. I really like the sofa, throw pillows, vases and curtain tips. I can’t wait to use them!

  2. Grace

    Absolutely loved this article. The tips and ideas are adorable. They’re guaranteed to sophisticate your home up during the summer season!

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