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Decorative glass vases: Unique outdoor tips

Decorative glass vases: Unique outdoor tips

Decorative glass vases for the perfect outdoor design.

The beautiful, warm, sun kissed summer season is still in full effect. Vacations are being taken, gatherings are being held and the home is filled with laughter. One of the more popular areas of your residence during this time of the year is the backyard and patio. This frequently missed section of the home can be transformed into a loving pad with the right combination of style, accessories and blends. A chic yet classy way to accomplish this marvelous look is with decorative glass vases.

Decorative glass vases outdoor

Warm, cozy outdoor design featuring decorative glass vases.

Everyone wants that gorgeous, magazine worthy spread outdoor house look. Gazing through pictures, commercials and more you might say “my backyard could never look like that.” This is a huge misconception with plenty of home decorators. With the right vision, theme and accents in mind anything is possible. The first step is deciding what your outdoor area will be used for. Will you use it solely for entertainment, guests, parties or just decorating purposes. Once you make a decision then you get a theme in mind. The overall theme will be summer but it needs a more in depth theme. Will it be summer beach, summer garden, summer romance etc. After that decision is made then you can start designing away. The reason decorative glass vases are such a good choice for any style you use is because they’re elegant, versatile and says summer is here.artistic vintage home decor vase


Add a fireplace or wooden mantel to your backyard, then decorate it with a flower glass vase as the centerpiece and main attraction. For standard size vases be sure to place a beautiful bundle of flowers inside. For grand, large vases you can leave it empty. This will allow your centerpiece to stand out on its own. A good way to make this area pop is to use flowers that have the same undertone as the fire within the fireplace. This will create a gorgeous, golden bronze layout as the summer sun sets. For a relaxed look design the backyard with a table and chair set. Place your favorite decor vase in the middle of the table accompanied by a soft tone table cloth that matches the chair cushions. This will give your outdoor area a contemporary, polished finish.


Flower glass decorative vases.

Smaller outdoor area with modern glass vases.

Creating the perfect look for a summer outdoor design can be achieved with countless techniques, ideas and themes. The amazing thing about decorative glass vases is the fact that they’re versatile, welcoming and poised. A unique, summer inspired vase can add a simply yet alluring touch to any outdoor home decor style your desire.




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