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Decorative Glass Vases: Great for Personal Style

Decorative Glass Vases: Great for Personal Style

Determine your personal style with interior decorative glass vases

Decorative Glass Vases

             Decorating the home with your favorite accent is a complete reflection of your character, spirit and style. What home owner wouldn’t want his or her living quarters to resemble their style and presence. However, decorating with the most popular home decor item to date can really determine your innermost feelings, dreams, aspirations and persona. Decorative glass vases are the perfect accessory to flourish and style the home with. They represent class, elegance, tradition and history. With the countless looks, themes and styles that are created through fine, decorative glass vases its easy to make your house stand out when designing with one. The type of elegant vases you gravitate towards when furnishing your home says a lot about your personality and character. Read further on and find out what it is about yourself that makes you fall in love with certain interior vases.

Romantic Decorator

Styling the home with soft, sensual tone decorative glass vases usually determine you’re a romantic decorator. If you love to add baby pink, rose colored pink, and turquoise blue shaded vases to the home this says you’re a big fan of intimacy, romance and love. A lot of these heart warming vases that romantic designers like yourself enjoy are also exotic shaped, tall, skinny and has at least one curve in it.

Vintage Decorator

For all the arts and crafts lovers who have a very distinct style vintage vases are normally your primary choice. Artistic vases, painted vases and crackle glass vases immediately catch your eye due to their custom creation, spunky design and chic finish. If you favorite kind of vase to decorate with are vibrant and colorful then you’re probably a vintage interior designer.

unique decorative glass vases

Traditional Decorator

A popular and modern type of interior designer is the traditional decorator. Most home owners who are into traditional, classic decorating enjoy furnishing their home with elegant, simple flower glass vases. Instead of going for a vivacious crafty vase or dreamy etiquette centerpiece; traditional decorators love to polish the home with standard size, even tone decorative glass vases.


All of these decorating personality types possess fashion, poise and charm. However, they all exhibit these traits with different ranges in their own unique way. Whether you’re a vintage, traditional, romantic, historical or cultural decorator designing with a beautiful accent such as the elegant vase will certainly delight the home. Transform and ignite the living room, kitchen, den and more with the perfect home decor vase the reflects your very own personal style.

decorative crackle glass vase


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