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Artisan Home Decor Tips to Styling on a Budget

Artisan Home Decor Tips to Styling on a Budget


Creative Design Tips for Artisan Home Decor Lovers Decorating on a Budget

Decorating is about being yourself and being creative. It’s really that simple. When you get right down to it there are no rules for interior designing and renovating your house. There are standards that the home décor industry follow and consumers feel compelled to follow suite as well. However, if the place you call home is a reflection of your personality, aura and spirit then who can really say what’s the right or wrong way to decorate. Now add the fact that you’re on a budget and can’t afford all the glamorous accessories you’d need to conform to the rues. Well designers and homeowners who have a passion for art, crafts and eclectic style never worry about facing this issue. That’s one of the great things about being an artisan home decor stylist. You can truly create magic throughout your residence with fun, playful artistic accents. To all the crafty, artisan style home decor lovers who happens to be new to this type of decorating out there;  we’re going to show you how to decorate on a budget.

artisan home decor theme area

Artisan home decor stylish accents while on a budget

Regardless of what type of interior decorating personality you are you can make the vision come to life on a budget. Even upscale, elegant home decorators can create an impression effect while designing within a budget. However, for vintage artisan home decorators styling on a budget really fits their creative voice. Here are some chic, fantastic ideas and tips on how to transform your home into an artistic castle without spending a penny:

Old clothes can be recycled

Before you throw that t-shirt or sweater away that you’ll never wear again think about why you brought it in the first place, how it made you feel and use it to bring that same feeling into your home. Maybe the t-shirt can be sewn into a pillow case. If it was once one of your favorite shirts, now it can become one of your favorite pillows. Sit it in the middle of a three count throw pillow set guaranteed to make that souvenir stand out. For that sweater you’ll never wear again combine it with some other cozy fabric and make a warm quilt perfect for the winter out of it.

artisan home decor t-shirt pillow

Simple but stylish example of artisan home decor pillow case with t-shirt.

Use your hobbies/ personal likes to style a room

Take whatever sport, hobby, artist or color you love and design a room out of it. This is free, fun and absolutely reflects exactly who you are. If you’re a music lover create a music theme dining room or den. Take that old keyboard or drum set stored in your basement and add it to your desired area. Style with other small yet powerful artisan home decor  accessories around it.  Take a written music sheet and frame it over the piano or drum set.  If your a huge sports fun add a football or basketball to your newly designed sports theme living room. Paint an old stool or stand and sit it on there to make it the main attraction of the room. You can also add sports cards and a framed jersey to the layout.

Decorating with recycled items

One of the most popular ways to style on a budget is to simply recycle. Besides using old clothes and music instruments you can use old home décor items themselves. There are numerous ways to restore life back into a product. You just have to find an alternative to what it was originally used for. That old wooden chair that can no longer be sat in can be used as a display. Sit something light in it but make sure the light object is one of the main attractions. A grand, decorative throw pillow that is too gorgeous to get lost in a set can stand alone in that chair. The chair itself can be used for decorations. Add some tassels, ribbons or super glue some artisan jewelry beads to the chair and watch it come back to life. Large glass bottles can be saved and turned into elegant glass vases. Simply paint the bottles or glaze them with your favorite color, stick a bundle of flowers in them and you now have an exotic vase.

Chic recycled artisan vase

Recycled glass transformed into vase for artisan home decor design.

With these small yet distinct tips you can now have an entirely new designed home without spending any money or even leaving your house. You’ll be surprised how these simple artisan home decor tips will make your house appear like a brand new place.


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