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5 DIY Tips for Elegant Home Decor this Winter

5 DIY Tips for Elegant Home Decor this Winter

5 Simple, Sophisticated DIY Elegant Home Decor Tips for the Winter


With everyone just now settling in to the new year of 2018 this is now the perfect time for home decorating lovers to compliment their residences with luxury home accents. If you are a fan of interior decorating then like most decor lovers you like to style in unison with every revolving season. Although the winter season has already started you still have 2-3 months of winter left where you can style your place with elegant home accents that screams “winter wonderland!” Here are 5 top diy elegant home decor ideas great for the remaining winter season.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Easy Fireplace, Borders and Shelves Design Ideas


Gorgeous example of adding elegant home decor to the fireplace for a great winter theme

Nothing says a warm, welcoming home in the winter time like having a fireplace. It literally keeps your home warm and it also provides a cozy, intimate atmosphere on the design end. A great way to add style and flare to your fireplace by yourself that will make your home pop is to decorate your fireplace as a particular theme. Don’t just let your fireplace sit there empty as it heats up your home. Add large home decor accents to your fireplace such as decorative vases, flower pots, medium size picture frames and more. Try adding two large vases to each end of the fireplace shelf and then sitting a smaller centerpiece or candy jar in the middle. This has a welcoming theme that spells out elegance, intimacy and class. Not to mention the candy jar is a small yet stand out gesture guarantee to finesse any guest. You can also put a runner on the fireplace shelf and then place accents of your choice on the runner. This will surely help your fireplace and the gifts on it pop. If you don’t have a fireplace or would like to choose another area the shelves in your home are a great choice. This can be a book shelf, a shelf on the wall or the kitchen shelf. Great accent pieces for shelves throughout the home are square shaped picture frames, small statues, standard size books, candles and more. A great way to get your home to display a winter vibe is to add more accessories to your shelf. In the winter time people think of closeness, bundles and filling any area. The same would go for your shelves. The more accessories you add, the more your home says intimacy, warmth and togetherness.


Decorating Your Home with The Perfect Winter Color Scheme

One of the most popular and easiest ways to bring any season into your home is by adding the right colors. All colors have a voice and vibe that gives you a certain feeling when you see it. This isn’t only in the world of home decor and interior design. Businesses, signs, advertisements, etc. all choose different colors to get their brand to deliver a certain message. You should do the same for your home. Your home is your palace and should be a reflection of you and the present season. The most popular winter interior design  color is gold. Gold is a standard winter design color due to its warm feeling, classic look, majestic style and universal appeal. Although gold can be styled to go along with any season theme. No other season truly does gold justice the way winter does. You can give your home a large gold inspired theme by having large furniture pieces such as the china closet, sofa and TV stand gold. Or you can do a chic, stylish layout where the larger pieces of furniture are one color and the smaller, fine accents that makes your home pop are gold. Another winter decorating color that’s a favorite among many is navy blue. Due to it’s dark, mysterious nature navy blue also screams out winter and is guarantee to bring a warm atmosphere into your home. Different shades of orange is another common choice for interior winter decorating. For this option you would want to go with darker shades of orange such as chestnut orange, scarlet, rust, amber and squash orange. With these shades you can give your home a winter garden theme, a winter season fruit and vegetable theme or an intimate tan forest theme. A gorgeous elegant home decor combination great for the winter season is white and silver. Although both of these colors are light and may be affiliated with hotter seasons they actually have crossover appeal and can be styled all year around. White and silver may seem more like summer or spring individually but together they have winter written all over them. They symbolize snow, frost and cold climate. A great way to utilize these colors is with larger areas like the living room, kitchen and dining room.


Solid example of an elegant home decor winter theme with colors silver and white


Adding Popular Winter Home Accents

You’d be surprised how certain unique home decor accessories are more compatible with one season than others. Some may say “how can a certain gift or accent only be for one season?” It’s not that certain accents should only go with certain seasons, but some accents when styled or decorated a certain way is more cohesive with a cold, hot or warm season. For example during this winter season candles are one of the most popular home decor gifts. Die-hard candle lovers decorate with them throughout the entire year. However, to get your home to say “welcome to winter” in an elegant tone candles should be on the top of your accessory list. A great way to make any room in your house come to life with candles is to have a variety of sizes and colors. You don’t want all your candles to be the same size. Add a group of candles to your living room coffee table, your fireplace or dinner table but make sure there are about 2-3 different sizes. You could have 2 large, tall candles on each end. Then you can have a medium size candle in the middle with the 2 smallest candles in the front. Space the candles out so they can give the area of your home texture and shape. Make sure the candles fit with your interior color scheme and are popular winter shades. Gold, orange, burgundy, silver, black, dark blue and tan are the most common winter colors. If you go lighter in your choice of candles make sure large accents in your home are darker. That way your winter color scheme can still pop.


Elegant Wall Accessories and Window Decor

The winter season is arguably the season where you are in your house the most. People tend to vacation less, a lot of people want to avoid the cold weather and most home owners are more likely to cook delicious home meals during this time of the year. With that being said you have more time to style your home, which means certain areas you may usually ignore now has your undivided attention. One of those areas being your walls. The walls in your home may seem trivial and can do without being decorated. However, having elegant wall accessories and decor in your place can truly make or break your winter style theme. Most interior decorators add wall paper or pictures as accessories to design the walls in the home. But styling the walls run much deeper than those 2 options. Try taking the largest area of your wall or the wall of the biggest room in your home and giving it a particular theme. Give your largest wall a garden, “alice in wonderland”, renaissance or artisan theme by adding a large reef or wall accessories to the area then adding smaller accents to surround it. This can be done with your favorite portrait, a stylish wall banner, your favorite quote in a hangable glass case or with a fancy, extravagant wall clock. Now you have a certain area of your home where the wall is decorated with purpose and intent. It also gives the room in your house a sense of closeness and warmth that once again reflects winter. The window is another area of the home that should receive special attention in the winter time. If you’re more likely to be in your residence during the winter time your windows should be safe and secure and also bedazzled. Due to the cold weather of the winter season your windows will be closed and your curtains will be closed majority of the time. Add heavy, layered curtain during this time of the year. This will provide your home with physical warmth and also give it a warm scenery. Layering your curtains also provides your home with a physical and theoretical warm atmosphere. Great colors to accomplish this look with are darker shades of brown, winter to fall orange hues, navy blue, black, silver or a deep shades of purple. Tassels, beads and fabric cotton balls are adorable accents that can be added to your curtains and goes great with any winter decorating theme.


Stylish example of elegant home accent for the walls that goes great with winter theme


Living Room Styling with Elegant Decorative Pieces


Easy example of how to dazzle the home with decorative vase piece for the living room

Arguably the most important room in any home during the winter season is the living room. It’s where family, friends and company come together. With that being said this is also why the living room is the most important area to design in style for the winter season. Here’s a step by step great way to bring a loving winter atmosphere in your living room all by yourself. The first thing you would want to focus on is your couch or living room sofa. Even if your sofa isn’t extremely large it is still the main attraction in your living room, so it should be your main target to decorate. If your couch or sofa is a standard, solid color such as tan, brown, black or white then you would want to go with multi-color accents to decorate it with. The number one accent that compliments the sofa are throw pillows. In the winter time the large the pillows, the better. To bring color and patterns into your home make sure the throw pillows aren’t a solid color. Ideally it should be at least 3 shades in the pillow. You don’t want to have too many colors in the pillow because your sofa area now looks bright and colorful which normally doesn’t reflect winter. If you have a solid black sofa you should go for throw pillows that are blue and white or maybe blue, black and white. If you have a couch or sofa that’s brown you should go for pillows that have orange, blue and brown in them or orange and yellow in them. Another elegant decorative piece that goes well in the living room especially during the winter season are glass vases. The great thing about vases are their variety and countless options. Instead of having the standard picture table on the right or left side of your main sofa. Try replacing that table with a large, floor vase. The vase should be correspond with the accents your already have around your sofa. Meaning if your sofa throw pillows are silver, white and blue and you have a navy blue sofa then the large floor vase should be silver, sparkling white or a darker shade of blue. Another option for decorative glass vases is to have a medium centerpiece size on your main living room table. This vase ideally should have flowers or some sort of accessory in it. Other living room accents perfect for the home during the winter time are family portraits in a frame, large table cloths, decorative furniture pieces, mini grand piano, a tall picture frame rack and more.


A sophisticated yet simple way to design the sofa in your home for the winter with elegant home decor pillows

Now you see how easy it is to dazzle and jazz up the home while having a gorgeous, elegant winter home decor theme in mind. You can literally transform your home from simple and empty to sophisticated, charming and welcoming in only a matter of minutes. These diy winter home decor ideas don’t take long to complete and they’re not hard looks to achieve. They are even affordable and easy to obtain. With the common gifts and furniture pieces mentioned you probably already have most of what you need in your home already. Now all you have to do is apply these decorating tips and enjoy the look of your own, personal elegant winter sanctuary.


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