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5 DIY Home Decor Tips for Summer Kitchen Design

5 DIY Home Decor Tips for Summer Kitchen Design

Amazing DIY Home Decor Ideas for a Gorgeous Summer Kitchen

In the summertime you want your house to be a cool, welcoming sanctuary. You want every area of your home to display the lovely season that many seem to adore. This includes your living room, dining room and even outdoor decorating area. However, this also includes a room many interior decorators seem to forget during the summer season. This includes designing the kitchen. During the summer time you want your kitchen to be a bright, vibrant early to enjoying during the warm season. Although you want not cook as much during the summertime due to the weather and temperature, you still want your kitchen to be in unison with the rest of your place. Here are 5 amazing diy home decor tips for designing your kitchen this summer season.

1) Adding Large Paintings



Elegant example of adding a large painting to the kitchen. A great diy home decor tip for summer time styling.

Large, elegant paintings designed throughout your home is a very popular summer decorating trend this year. One of the areas adding a large painting to your home is very common among designers is in the kitchen. Adding a large painting to your kitchen may not seem like the ideal location. When many think of large paintings they instantly assume the living room or even the bedroom. However, adding a large painting to your kitchen is a great diy home decor idea for the summertime. It’s quick, easy, creative and guarantees to bring elegance into your kitchen. Whether you have a large or small kitchen adding a grand portrait to the equation will allow your kitchen area to instantly stand out. If you have an open wall space above your kitchen sink this is the perfect location to add your large painting. Place your painting above your kitchen sink to give your kitchen a sweet, flourishing summer time look. Or add a large painting to your kitchen over your cabinets. You can also place a lovely summer theme picture next to your utensil stand or above your stove. The key to this diy home decor tip of giving your kitchen a beautiful summer is the painting itself. Make sure the large painting you add is colorful, a painting of flowers or a nature scene.

2) Decorative Flower Vases



Gorgeous, decorative flower vase perfect diy home decor accent to add to the kitchen during the summer time.

Another diy home decor idea to style your kitchen for the warm summer season is to add decorative flower vases. This is another home decor accent many associate with the living room or dining room area. But decorative flower vases can really bring your kitchen area to life. A gorgeous flower bouquet placed inside an adorable vase can create the essence of summer in a matter of minutes. Nothing quite says summer like beautiful flowers. This is why placing a decorative flower vase in your kitchen is a great way to spruce it up for the summer. Add a standard size decorative flower vase to your kitchen window seal. Pull back the curtains and let the sun shine on your flowers that are gently placed inside your decorative vase. You can add 1 vase and center it on the window seal, or you can add 2 vases and place each of them on each side of the window seal. This quick, yet gorgeous technique will definitely breathe life into your kitchen. The best thing about this tip is the fact that it’s quick, easy and you can do it yourself.


Decorative flower vase set that goes perfect in the kitchen for the summer season. A quick, amazing diy home decor tip.

3) Tropical DIY Look

Among many diy ideas for the home during the summer time creating a tropical theme is certainly one of them. When you think of the summer season itself you think of a tropical look and vibrant colors. You can incorporate this tip in your kitchen very easily. The best way to accomplish this diy home decor summer theme is by simply decorating your kitchen with popular, bright colors. This can be done by painting your kitchen walls a vibrant tone such as yellow, sky blue, lime green or peach. This can be done by adding colorful kitchen accessories and utensils such as towels, plates, cups, forks, knives, etc. Another way to accomplish a tropical theme within your kitchen is to add plants. These plants can be real or plastic. The key is how you and where you set them up in your kitchen. You can add a large, floor plant to a corner in your kitchen area to help welcome the summer season. You can add a small plant to your kitchen tables as a centerpiece. You can even build a 1 rack shelf in your kitchen along the wall and add 2-3 plants there. This will certainly give your kitchen a marvelous, warm, summer time styling.

4) Decorating with Geometric Tiles

A fun, easy craft idea for the home in your kitchen area this summer season is decorating with geometric tiles. Geometric tiles are actually a popular 2018 summer home decor trend. This is due to their versatility, creative look and artistic design. With geometric shaped tiles you can give any room in your home, especially the kitchen an extravagant, one of a kind layout. The great thing about this diy home decor trend is how easy and fun it is to create. Grab your choice of geometric shaped tiles and add them in any area of your kitchen for a gorgeous summer design. This can be done on only one area of the wall in your kitchen. This can be done above your kitchen stove and oven. This can be done on your kitchen floor. This can also be done as a collage in your kitchen. Whatever choice you decide to go with make sure the tiles are colorful, the geometric design is creative and the final look exhibits the essence of summer.


A simple yet creative summer tile design in the kitchen with geometric shapes.

5) Artisan Style Kitchen Accents

The final diy home decor tip for styling your kitchen into a beautiful summer scenery is to add artisan style accents. Diy home decor crafts such as handcrafted accents, wooden utensils, ceramic bowls and woven baskets are all great summer kitchen accessories. Some may ask why these artisan inspired accents to create a summer time look in the kitchen? These creative, luxury home accents are chosen for a summer theme in the kitchen due to their look and personality. Every home decor accent has a life of its own and speaks to the designer. When you see artisan style accents such as woven baskets, large wooden utensils, etc. you associate these accessories with the summer season. They’re light in texture and tend to be light in color which screams “welcome summer.” These artisan style accents also goes great with other summer theme designs such as the tropical look or nature theme look. Replace your standard bowls, mixing spoons and coasters with a wooden or handcrafted ceramic kitchen accessory for a gorgeous summer time look.

The great thing about diy interior decorating is the fact that the possibilities are endless. There are countless ways to give your kitchen and any room in your home the perfect design for every season. These 5 amazing diy home decor tips for styling the kitchen during the summer is just the beginning.


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