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10 Amazing Magazines for an Elegant Home Design

10 Amazing Magazines for an Elegant Home Design

10 Amazing Magazines for an Elegant Home Design

10 Best Magazines for a Gorgeous and Elegant Home Design

When trying to figure out where to get great home decor ideas from there are countless sources. There’s the internet, social media, Youtube videos, crafting classes and much more. However, arguably the greatest resource for home decor ideas and tips are magazines. Home decor and interior design magazines. Nothing beats gorgeous decorating and design tips like a classic home decor magazine. Decorating magazines are timeless, classic, traditional yet constantly evolving and growing. With the right home decor magazine you can find the perfect blueprint to lavishing your home. This is why we decided to do a countdown of our favorite elegant home decor magazines. Here are 10 amazing magazines for an elegant home design.

10. Homes & Antiques

Home & Antiques magazine is a great source for tips on creating an elegant home design, especially for shabby chic home decor lovers and antique crafters.

Coming in our list of best magazines to inspire an elegant home design is Homes & Antiques magazine. This lovely magazine specializes in elegant interior design, antique items and a list of other decorating benefits. Home & Antiques magazine has been around for over 25 years and very unique compared to other home decorating magazines. Home & Antiques is the only magazine that focuses on antiques and decorating with them. This amazing magazine is perfect for shabby chic home decor lovers. It’s also a great pick for artistic home decor fans. Next time you’re looking for tips and ideas surrounding your antique , home design project, look no further with this magazine.

9. Country Sampler

Another great magazine to help with your elegant home design is Country Sampler. Country Sampler is an amazing, splendid decorating magazine that focuses on the beauty of country decorating and southern homes. However, it always adds a splash of modern design to all its features and creations. Country Sampler is the perfect magazine for a home owner that wants to blend a country style layout with a contemporary elegant home design. If you want to a full classic, country decorating theme this is also the magazine for you. If you simply just want country decorating tips from time to time Country Sampler is a great choice. Either way it’s one of the best magazines to bring your beautiful country design to life.

Country Sampler magazine is a great source for country style decorating lovers who also want to create an elegant home design layout.

8. Southern Homes

Check out the fabulous Southern Homes magazine for exclusive elegant home design tips and ideas.

Southern Homes magazines comes in at #8 on our list of best elegant home design magazines. This upscale magazine focuses on homes throughout the southern region of the United States and recognizes their beauty. This is a great magazine for southern home owners and fans of southern homes. Although this magazine just launched only a few years ago in 2015, it hit the ground running due to its beautiful features and great articles. Southern style decorating is one of the most celebrated styles of home decor. This is because southern homes tend to be larger, more grand, elegant and wholesome. Southern homes also have a lot of features surrounding it such as a huge backyard, a big front yard, a gorgeous patio deck, etc. Home owners in southern states such as Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia and many more would adore this magazine.

7. Veranda

An elegant home design magazine for fancy, extravagant decorators is Veranda magazine. If you’re an interior decorator or home owner into upscale, classy decorating, then Veranda magazine is the source for you. It specializes in luxury styling and sophisticated home decor creations. If you’re looking for tips on how to create an elegant living room or seeking daily elegant home decor ideas, Veranda magazine is the one for you. It’s one of the most popular home decor magazines around and rightfully so. Just browse the magazine and look at all the beautiful interior designs and layouts. You’ll instantly fall in love with the elegant, sophistication and flare.

For a gorgeous, upscale, elegant home design try getting inspiration for Veranda magazine.

6. Traditional Home

For a contemporary home decor layout that still possess a classy, elegant home design, Traditional Home magazine is the perfect source.

If you’re looking to create an elegant home design in a modern manner Traditional Home would be the perfect decorating magazine for you. Traditional Home is an elegant home decor magazine that focuses on contemporary home decorating and classy style. They feature countless modern, fabulous homes and offer amazing decorating tips. If you’re goal is to create a gorgeous, yet simple elegant home design this magazine speaks directly to you. It’s no wonder Traditional Home is one of the top decorating magazines in the world. It has universal appeal, modern flare and timeless interior design tips. With some many home decorators being fans of traditional, modern, classy home decor, this magazine will forever be in style.

5. Country Living

#5 on our list of the best magazines for elegant home design is Country Living. Country Living magazine interior design magazine that focuses on country style decorating and a variety of other topics. Country Living features diy projects, craft ideas and many more subjects. This helps give the magazine it’s versatility and universal appeal. Everyone loves a magazine that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. Another thing that makes this magazine so spectacular is its tips on outdoor decorating, gardening, remodeling and many other categories home decorators can appreciate. If you’re looking for a magazine that tackles every angle of home decorating this is the one for you.

Country Living magazine is an amazing publication for home decorators who desire a country style them blended with an elegant home design.

4. Southern Living

Southern Living magazine is #4 on our list of best magazines to create an elegant home design. This fabulous, timeless home decor magazine is arguably the most celebrate decor magazine in the southern region of the country. This is due to the fact that Southern Living celebrates southern design, class and charm. This includes southern home decor accents but also other southern culture treasures, such as cooking, gardening, crafting and more. This classic magazine was 1st established in 1966 and still has a strong audience today. If you want to blend your love for a grand southern home with modern class reading this magazine will only benefit you.

For home owners inspired by southern homes such as Texas, Arizona, Louisiana and Georgia style houses, Southern Living magazine is perfect for you.

3. House Beautiful

House Beautiful is the perfect magazine to get inspired for your elegant home design layout. House beautiful is one of the most beloved home decor magazines in the world and rightfully so. This timeless magazine was initially launched in the early 1950’s and is still one of the most popular decorating magazines today. One of the reasons being is that this magazine focuses on a variety of interior decorating elements. It’s geared towards a number of home decorating styles. Some of them being modern home decor, elegant home decor, traditional decorating and upscale styling. This gives House Beautiful a tremendous amount of exposure to a variety of audiences. This magazine gives step by step guidance on how to make your house look beautiful. It gives step by step tips on how to allow particular rooms in your home to shine. House Beautiful even features some celebrity homes in their magazine and online site. This classic magazine is great for any type of decorating style or theme.

House Beautiful is a lovely example of a magazine that inspires interior decorators who have an eye for creating modern, elegant home decor.

2. Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens magazine is great for interior designers who are seeking tips on how to blend an elegant home design with a contemporary atmosphere.

Better Homes and Gardens aka BHG definitely deserves to top our list of home decor magazines for an elegant home design. This spectacular magazine is the epitome of beautiful modern home decor design. Established in 1922, this legendary magazine was always know for it’s elegance, class and originality. It’s the 4th best selling magazine in United States regardless of what category. One of the best things about Better Homes and Gardens magazine is its timeless decorating tips. No matter what style or theme you’re going for, or what area you want to decorate in your home, you’ll get amazing tips from Better Homes and Gardens. Use this marvelous magazine as your guide for your next home design task and you won’t go wrong.

1. Elle Decor

#1 on our list of best magazines to inspire an elegant home design is Elle Decor. Elle Decor is arguably the most successful and popular home decor magazine in the world. With millions of subscribers via print and online, with over 5 different versions of it in other countries including Elle Decor Italia and Elle Decor India, it’s no wonder this publication is a favorite among many. Elle Decor is the epitome of showcasing modern yet elegant home decor style. This remarkable magazine not only features contemporary home decor designs. It also displays other decorating styles such as French Country decor, sophisticated decorating themes, seasonal interior design styling and much more. Elle Decor allows you to get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity home with their many star features. If you’re ever looking for tips on how to make your home look expensive on a budget, Elle Decor is the magazine to go to. Whatever interior dream or goal you have in mind Elle Decor is actually the magazine for you. It’s so unique, original and versatile, which is one of the many reasons why it’s so adored by home decorators. It’s one of the many reasons why it’s #1 on our list.

Elle Decor magazine is arguably the top elegant home decor magazine in the world, which offers great elegant home design tips due to it’s universal appeal, sophistication and versatility.

With these 10 amazing magazines you will have endless ideas on how to create a gorgeous, elegant home design. You’ll be able to transform every room and area in within your living quarters. These magazines are loved by many for obvious reasons. They never fail to give home decorators inspiration and motivation. The best thing about using these magazines for your interior design themes is adding your own personality and charm to the picture.


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